Monday, March 25

Glenmoriston Shooting Ground

 Saturdays 23rd 100 DTL, Well done to Iain Hepburn high gun with a score of 289.


Anonymous said...

And quite right too. Clubs are apparently happy to have their shoots advertised for free - its pure laziness, and taking the piss, when they can not be bothered to post results.

Anonymous said...

Agreed !!!
Uisdean is good enough to give his time. He does not deserve to get hassled about "where is the scores for this and for that. So c'mon you lot get your scores in pronto. It will not hurt you .. honest !!


Anonymous said...

Do not know what has happened to the Armadale Gun Club scores lately, but here is last Sunday.22Guns. Very windy and bitterly cold.

High Gun .. Duncan Bentley
Senior ... 1st Mark Campbell 2nd Brian Lyall 3rd Frank Low
Vet ... 1st Finlay Campbell 2nd Archie Sinclair 3rd David Sutherland

Anonymous said...

just ,,,1) take your mobile from your pocket
2) take pic of score board
3) email to uisdean
it takes around 18 seconds to carry out this proceedure, and it gives the shooting scores to everyone thats interested,i know i like to see them,and thanks to uisdean for bothering to take the time and effort to ensure it reaches everyone ,,come on guys lets give a wee effort and help it doesn't matter if uisdean gets 20 emails he can delete the rest,thanks guys

Anonymous said...

This is all very well for you technocrats ( and Alex) with these new fangled mobile telephones but some of us are still working on the red phone box with buttons A & B - its getting hellish difficult to get the pennies and shillings and two bob bits to go in them tho.
On a more serious note I hope the guilty parties are taking note because without Uisdean's free advertising interest in their shoots may suffer.

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