Tuesday, June 11

Stratherick Gun Club 2013 Open 50 DTL ,High Gun 50 / 150 Sam Hunter

Stratherick Gun Club 2013

High Gun 50 / 150   Sam Hunter
Runner up 50/ 147  Archie Sinclair jnr.

Ladies Trophy   Carrie Smith.

Open Junior  William Smith
 2nd              Neil Sutherland
3rd                Euan Ross
 4th               Alistair MacDonnell
 5th               Siobhan  Mac Donnell
 6th               Abbey   Kirkland.

10 Bird non lnt cup  Fred Lockwood.
15 cup  after S/O    Ian Ross.
local over 55s cup  Gordon Duguid.
Fraser Cup Highest non int Local   James MacDonnell.
over 70s  Willie Wilson.
Oldest competitor  Magnus Swanson.
 ABT After S/O 1st Richard Greenlaw, 2nd Archie Sinclair jnr, 3rd Robert kling, 4th Sam Hunter.

Sporting After S/O   1st Richard Greenlaw,  2nd Tom Knight ( more practise needed 36 goes not enough) 3rd Neil Kirkland.
Every one at Stratherrick CTC would like to thank all who contributed in making the day a huge success .

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