Saturday, July 6

Armadale Gun Club Johnny Campbell Memorial Trophy. 50 DTL. High Gun - A. Morrison

High Gun - A. Morrison
1st - P. Sutherland
2nd = M.D. Campbell
2nd = I. Morrison
4th = D. Forbes
4th = D.A. Mackay
1st - J. Cameron
2nd - F.A. Campbell
3rd - D. Sutherland
1st - A. Brims
2nd - D. Hunter

Our next shoot is on Sunday 21st July
25 DTL & 25 ABT
1030am start


alex morrison said...

what a pleasure and privilege it was to shoot for, and win this trophy, and to have it in my care for its first year,,

fFAC said...

Aye well done Alex. The old man would have been fair pleased it was yersel that won it !!
Many thanks to all of those who DID turn up !! for a very special and enjoyable day.


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