Wednesday, November 20

Welcome to SCTA new online payment system

Hello fellow members,

I am writing to you all to inform you of our new online facility on the SCTA website which allows you to join or renew your membership with the SCTA. It went live today after a lot of work preparing it to our requirements, so now we have an easy to use system and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. 
If renewing just click on renew on the toolbar on the SCTA website, check all your info is correct and if not update it and then move to the payment options where you can choose between the Direct Debit option or single payment option and that's the job done! No forms to fill out, no hunting round the house for a stamp and no walk in the rain to the post box, it's all at the your fingertips.
Please take the time over the coming weeks to renew your membership using this new facility. Today we have since launching given away 10 free ties to the first 10 renewals and I hope to continue to offer promotions in the near future to encourage its use 
If you can all let other members know about this facility I would appreciate it as I do not have email addresses for all of our members.

Thank you. 

George Wood
SCTA Administrator
PO Box 2852
Glasgow G61 9DS

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