Sunday, June 1

North Ayrshire 01/06/2014 - DTL

01/06/2014 - DTL

PositionNameClass Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalTargets
1B HOFFINBBO75757575100300
2G STEWARTA 73747575100297
3D TAYLORA 75747473100296
4S KENNEDYA 7571747599295
E MCALLISTERA 75757372100295
6D BROWNAA 6975757599294
7W LITTLEBBO7574697399291
8H COATES LDYBBO73727174100290
9I JOHNSTONEABO7370737399289
G SHANKLANDA 7273727299289
11D STREETA 7172737298288
12W SMITHA 6968737497284
13A MACDONELLA 7266707496282
14A YOUNGA 6972667495281
15T DIMURROABO6769747095280
16T SMITHA 7169697094279
17J CLARKEBBO6673667396278
B SNEDDONBBO7265756694278
19S FORRESTBBO6474697094277
20R CLARKABO6768746795276
21D MILTONA 6769647192271
22D MORRISONCBO6367726893270

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