Wednesday, May 13

Armadale Gun Club Archie Sinclair Cup 50 bird DTL Sunday 17th May Entries from 10:30 Re-entry

Thanks to those who made it today for the Archie Sinclair Cup. On what was a blustery but dry day.
High Gun and cup winner I. Munro
First Senior K. Mackay
Joint Second Seniors S. Hunter & D. Bisset
Third Senior D. Reid
First Veteran J. Cameron
Second Veteran D.A. Mackay
First Juniors, was a very disciplined young up and coming lad from the west. Neil Sutherland. Well done lad, a great demonstration on how it's done!
Re-entry D. Bentley
White clay S. Hunter
Clubs next shoot will be Sat 13th June this will be a bottle shoot!


Anonymous said...

Hope the Cruncher is there so as I can meet him !! More chance o meeting him there than at a shoot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cruncher mi amigo - mucho tiro el plato en Espana - be sure to take the escopeta with you.

Anonymous said...

Just setting off for Aberdeen Airport for an early flight tomorrow morning. How does you song go again. I drove all night ? Will be keeping in touch, probably not sober. Good shooting to you all at the Erchie Cup !!

Adios Amigos

cruncher said...

sorry chaps, looking at last few shoot scores, ach ye's dinna even show in my rear mirror, sorry to be like this but only 100/300s are my breakfast,,however keep plugging away boys and you should become AVERAGE shooters through time, or at least the level of the maverick, how ever saying that you do put on a nice wee shoot up there and its what shooting the world needs, well done to the boys running it and keep it going , may well appear sometime,,

Anonymous said...

Back on Saturday from Espania. No sign o the Cruncher oot here !
What's happened to the Kinbrace spring shoot ?? Winter is near on us !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pablocito mi amigo,
foo's yer doos ?
I am fair baffled wi yon Armadilly Gun Club FB thing. The old guard has gone it seems. There is some cheil called Jean Camel ( thats a French version o Chon if one was not aware of the snail eaters langwidge). All e ither Camels, some sadly missed lek yon Finlay loon, ithers not so sadly.
There is of course yersel Pablo, sound lek a poor man's answer to the infamous FAC chap and then just hunners of names I have never heard before. Fit's adee in Armidalie ?

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