Monday, March 21

Armadale Gun Club · Sunday 27th March we will have a Double rise and 25 ABT shoot. We will also have a re-entry running as well. We will be starting at 10:30am.

Armadale Gun Club
10 hrs

Well it was a wet day to start for our shoot today, however the weather improved as the day went on.  Thanks to all who helped setup and tidy up today.
After a shoot off for 1st and 3rd senior the results are as follows.
High Gun K. Harrold
1st Senior B. Lyall
2nd Senior A. Sinclair jr
3rd Senior M.D Campbell
1st Veteran J. Cameron
2nd Veteran J.C Henderson
3rd Veteran F Campbell
After a 4 way shoot-off for the Re-entry it was won by A. Sinclair jr.
The Next shoot will be a 50 DTL Trophy Shoot on the 1st May.

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